Safe Environment Policy

The policies of the Safe Environment Program have been distributed to every institution of the Archdiocese, as part of a comprehensive Resource Manual. These policies are designed to assist the institutions of the Archdiocese in administering the program, and to provide uniformity and stability in the way the program is being implemented.  All Archdiocesan agencies and institutions are required to comply with these policies.

The Archdiocesan Policy on Sexual Misconduct has been fully revised. It can be downloaded here.

A summary of this policy can be found here. The policy summary is also available in Spanish aquí.

The policies of the Safe Environment Office can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions about these policies can be found here.

Summary of Policies

All prospective staff members in any Archdiocesan institution, whether paid or volunteer, whose position or duties would place them in regular contact with minors, must:

  • Complete the Screening Process (including submitting to a background check with clear results);
  • Abide by the Safe Environment Policies, the Policy on Sexual Misconduct, and the Code of Conduct; and
  • Complete the Safe Environment Training appropriate to their position.

The Screening Process — including the background check — must be completed before a person starts work. The appropriate training must be completed within 45 days of commencing their duties. If a program is scheduled to last for less than 45 days (e.g., vacation bible schools, summer camps, etc.), all new personnel must complete both Safe Environment requirements before the program begins.

If any person fails to satisfy the Safe Environment requirements by the appropriate date, they may not come into contact with minors in any program or activity of the Archdiocese or any of its parishes or institutions until they complete the Safe Environment requirements.

Summary of Policies

New policies have been issued, relating to overnight events involving minors.

Anna Caruso is responsible for the implementation and reporting of the Safe Environment program at Annunciation-Our Lady of Fatima Parish. All inquiries should be directed to Anna at 914-779-7345 or by email at or directly to the Archdiocese of New York. See for how to reach the Archdiocese.