Dede LaRock

September 24, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – September 26, 2021

          Have you ever wondered why millions of people watch soap operas on television?  The answer, it seems to me, is not difficult to find.  Our real lives tend to become so dull and drab, but those people on the screen lead lives of daily intrigue and romance.  So people by the multiplied thousands sit before their televisions and escape from the world of monotonous reality into a world of exciting fantasy.           For some people, even religion can be used in somewhat the same way.  We live in a world of […]
September 14, 2021

Welcome Fr. John Figueroa

Please join us in welcoming Fr. John Figueroa back to Annunciation – Our Lady of Fatima!  Fr. Figueroa was with us for two summers when he was a seminarian.  Most recently he was assigned to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Shrub Oak.  He is delighted to be back with us!
September 10, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – September 12, 2021

      I wonder if many people today really believe that God sees all their circumstances, their cares, and that He wants to provide for them?  So please take time to read Matthew 6:25-33 and Psalm 139.       Do you believe that as our good shepherd He is there to guard, to protect, to make provisions for, and to save us from harm?        So very often when difficult circumstances arise we rush off to help ourselves and meet our own needs.  Many run from God, Our Father, seeking to save themselves.  And in so doing we […]
August 27, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – August 29, 2021

                Most of us were learning to talk at about the same time we were learning to walk.  Now, we can do one as readily and as automatically as the other.  We have long since mastered the fine art of verbal communication.  It is a part of our daily experience that is almost as natural as breathing. But despite this fact, there are still some words that we have difficulty saying – not because they are hard to pronounce, but because they have an emotional content that is hard to handle.                 For […]
August 13, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – August 15, 2021

                Someone has said that one good way to measure the size of a person is by observing the size of the things that make him or her mad. A good question to ask ourselves is: “What makes us angry?” Think about the things that made you mad this past week. What were they? A car that cut into your lane? A rude clerk in a department store? Having to stand in line a little longer than you thought necessary? A phone call that interrupted your evening meal; and that from someone trying […]