Dede LaRock

February 17, 2022

Shroud of Turin Presentation – this Saturday & Sunday!

The highly acclaimed Shroud Encounter will be coming to Our Lady of Fatima’s Breen Hall on Saturday, April 30th at 6:45 PM and Sunday, May 1st at 1:45 PM.  Admission is free.  Saturday will feature the comprehensive presentation CSI Jerusalem and Sunday will feature Secrets of the Man Clothed in Linen which examines how the Shroud fulfills biblical prophecy.  Shroud Encounter is a production of the Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc. and will be presented by Russ Breault, an international expert on the topic.  The presentation is a fast-moving, big screen experience with a museum quality life-size replica on […]
February 4, 2022

Altar Server Event – Feb. 11

February 4, 2022

Young Adult Mass – Feb. 16

February 4, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – February 6, 2022

          Do you remember, from your childhood days, the neighborhood football game when everyone wanted to play quarterback?  Sometimes you’d stand around and argue and take forever getting started. Usually the way it was resolved was that the one who owned the ball got to call the plays. But finally, everyone had to agree to play a different position, otherwise you could not even have a game.           Then, if you stayed with the sport and gave yourself a little time to grow up, you discovered that it can be just as […]
January 28, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – January 30, 2022

          One of the marks of a learned person is that he knows he doesn’t know very much.  Isaac Newton was that kind of a person.  He was one of the major scientific minds of the last 300 years, and yet he once described himself as a small child on the seashore, picking up a few pebbles, all the while surrounded by a vast ocean of the unknown.  Albert Einstein was like that, also.  In our modern world, his name is a symbol of genius; and yet he said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience […]