Doreen Napolitano

September 21, 2021

Welcome Back! | Religious Education 2021-2022

September 21, 2021     Dear Parents and Guardians,     After many years serving as a catechist in our parish, I am honored and excited to be joining full  time as Director! We are blessed to have such an incredible community here and I look forward  to getting to know, and working with, all of you!    Thank you for your cooperation and support during this transition period. As confusion and  concern can often be a by-product of change, I would like to reassure you that Fr. Grippo, our wonderful team of Catechists and myself, are dedicated to maintaining […]
July 3, 2019

Religious Education Registration Form

Click on image to download the registration packet.
November 14, 2018

November Issue of “The Messenger”

August 1, 2018

Religious Education Registration Packet is Available!

Registration for 2018-19 Religious Education program will begin on Monday, August 13 via mail or drop off.  You may also register in-person on Wednesday, September 12 from 3:30 until 6PM in the Annunciation School gym.  The registration process is: Fill out the registration form.  (click below to print)  Please be sure to fill out both pages completely and sign the bottom of the second page. If your child has allergies, please fill out the allergy agreement. If you are registering a 1st year student or a new student, please attach a copy of his or her baptismal certificate to the application form. Please […]
May 7, 2018

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