February 17, 2018

No Religious Education Classes Feb 21

There are no Religious education classes Wednesday, Feb 21. Classes resume on Feb 28.  Enjoy your winter break!   
February 16, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – February 18, 2018

            Does it appear to you that all of us are embroiled in that ongoing conflict between the old and the new?  Sometimes it seems that nothing ever stays the same.  Everything around us is in a constant state of transition.  The world is changing; our community changes; our home changes; the Church changes; even we, ourselves, change.  If you don’t believe that, well, go dig out an old high school or college picture.  Take a look at yourself then and compare it with the way you look now.             Change is a fact of […]
February 12, 2018

Children’s Liturgy for Lent begins on Sunday, February 18

Children’s Liturgy for Lent will begin on Sunday, February 18th during the 10am Mass at Annunciation Church.   It will continue throughout Lent, ending on Sunday, March 18th.   Children’s Liturgy is an opportunity for our 3-9 year old children to leave Sunday Mass and go downstairs to listen to a children’s version of the Mass readings and participate in a relevant craft.  The children return to their families after the homily. We are always in need of volunteers (older students and adults) to help.    Click –> here to volunteer.    
February 12, 2018

Cardinal Dolan Visits the Annunciation School to Celebrate 75 Years – Jan. 31

  January 31, 2018 was a special day at our Parish. Cardinal Timothy Dolan helped the Annunciation School celebrate it’s 75th anniversary on Wednesday, January 31, with a special Mass celebration. AES students, faculty, parishioners and Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano were on hand for the ceremony. Cardinal Dolan’s visit to Annunciation coincided with National Catholic Schools Week. After Mass, the cardinal toured the school and met with students, faculty and parishioners at a reception in the gym.    
February 9, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – February 11, 2018

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and we begin the season of Lent.  It is a time for all of us to stop and to reflect and remember   Do you remember those days when you dreamed beautiful dreams?  You were thinking about the wonderful life that was waiting for your over there in the future.  Dreaming is a vital part of living.  Think how impoverished our world would be without dreamers.  Every great human accomplishment is nothing more than a dream come true.  The electric light was once a dream in the mind of Thomas Edison.  The Fifth Symphony was once a […]