January 27, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – January 29, 2017

As we know, modern technology has enabled us to take wonderful photos of the human fetus living within his or her      mother’s womb.  This is a great help to doctors in their care for the pre-born child.  However, it can also provide some with efficient means to invade this most sacred place – the very womb of a mother – and kill its helpless human inhabitant.  As you may know, every hour about two hundred babies will be aborted in this country alone.  Just take a moment to think about this fact.  That means that about 144,000 babies per month […]
January 13, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – January 15, 2017

A group of retired residents of an institution diplomatically called “A Home for Senior Citizens” had  gathered for an afternoon discussion led by a volunteer from a local university.  Each person was asked to quote a favorite poem or to sing a favorite song and then to comment on the verse or song.  One frail, little lady both began and ended the session when she lifted her hand and repeated part of a familiar line: “Grow old along with me… the best is yet to be.”  No sooner had her voice faded in the air than a gruff, loud snort […]
January 9, 2017

HSA Bingo Night – January 27

Join the Home School Association for Bingo Night on Friday, January 27th at 7 p.m. in the Annunciation Gym.  All school families are welcome!
January 9, 2017

Men’s Club Meeting – January 27

The next Men’s Club Meeting will be on Friday, January 27th at 9 p.m. in the Parish Room.  Please join us!
January 6, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – January 8, 2017

Were you touchy and difficult to live with ten years ago?  Look at that area of your life today.  Has anything changed?  Is the condition at all improved?  Did you resent an injury done to you in the past?  Are you still harboring the same old grudge today?  A dozen years ago did you have a violent temper that bought unhappiness to friends and family?  How about right now?  Is that temper under any better control today?  The thing that is shattering, devastating and shameful is that we can tolerate conditions like that year after year.  These are chronic  sicknesses […]