September 17, 2019

Ladies’ Guild Meeting – Sept. 20

September 17, 2019

Adult Ministry Day of Formation – Sept. 21

September 13, 2019

Letter From the Pastor – September 15, 2019

                Most of us have experienced various kinds of encounters with God.  We have seen Him, for example, in the world of nature.  We have felt His presence under the breathtaking beauty of a starlit night.  We have almost read His signature in the lower right-hand corner of a sunset.  We have heard His voice in the wind as it gently rustles the leaves of a tree.                 We have also met Him inside of our own hearts and minds.  We have felt His comforting presence in times f sorrow and His troubling […]
September 12, 2019

Religious Ed Newsletter September

September 6, 2019

Letter From the Pastor – September 8, 2019

Every wife, mother or whoever happens to have the responsibility knows that there are two ways to clean house.  One is routine and regular; the other is major and seldom.  In the first, you sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, wash the dishes, make the beds, secure the bathrooms, and dust the furniture.   The second way includes all of the above but goes a bit further.  You also move the furniture in order to get at the dirt that has accumulated under and behind.  You clean out the refrigerator and throw away all of the moldy food.  You rearrange the […]