October 29, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – October 31, 2021

               Sometimes, I fear that we in Church have become embarrassed by and almost abandoned by the idea of evangelization.  This is not without reason.  Many have seen in recent years a brand of evangelism that is little more than beautifully packaged, slickly marketed religion.  It isn’t surprising that we would disassociate ourselves from religious salesmanship, but we must not make the mistake of throwing out the baby with the bath water.                We need to be reminded that Jesus called people to follow Him and then sent them […]
October 22, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – October 24, 2021

                Some people, many of whom are honest and sincere, have difficulty believing in the Bible.  Whenever they read it or hear it read, one question keeps coming to mind: Is this true or not?  Did this event or that event actually take place?  That reaction is certainly understandable, because the Bible says some things and tells some stories that are not easy to believe.  Perhaps it would help if we would remember that the Bible is not one book, but many books bound into one volume.  And it is not one type […]
October 19, 2021

The 2022 Mass Book is Open

The 2022 Mass Intention Book is now open.  Each family is limited to 3 weekday and 3 weekend masses.  The offering for each mass is $20.  Please complete the form below and mail or drop it off at the Rectory.  Forms may also be placed in the basket at church.  We will notify you by e-mail or mail with confirmation of your requests. 
October 15, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – October 17, 2021

                How do we – priests, religious, lay persons – become involved in efforts to build a human society which respects the dignity and promotes the welfare of all?  Obviously, as believers we must call attention to the moral and religious dimensions of all issues.  We must point out the demands of our Christian Faith for a just transformation of society.  We must keep the gospel values alive and well in a world that needs them desperately.                 How many of us take a stand on the side of gospel values when issues […]
October 8, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – October 10, 2021

                “In the cities the wounded and dying cry out, but God ignores their prayers.”  This cry of Job must be one of the most poignant statements in the Scriptures.  Although the scholars keep telling us this is an anguished cry for help from a man in intense pain, it sounds more like a cry of despair.  After all, this is the same Job who also cried: “I give up, I am tired of living.  Leave me alone.  My life makes no sense.”  But the scholars must be right:  knowing Job, a man […]