May 13, 2019

St. Anthony’s Mass – June 13

We will have a special celebration for the Feast of St. Anthony on Thursday, June 13th.  Following a 5 pm Mass in Italian, we will have a simple bar-b-que.    It will be held at Our Lady of Fatima Church and Breen Hall.  Our thanks to the Holy Name Society members who will be helping out to make this a special event.   St. Anthony’s bread will also be given out at all masses on June 13th.
May 13, 2019

Angels in Paris – June 14 & 15

May 13, 2019

B & N Book Fair – June 15

Barnes & Noble in Yonkers will be sponsoring a Book Fair from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday, June 15th.  Purchase summer reading books, Father’s Day gifts, raffle tickets and more!  All purchases will benefit Annunciation School and our students will be gift wrapping your purchases and performing a concert for your enjoyment!  Please make every effort to stop by and support our school!
May 13, 2019

Happy Father’s Day! – June 16

We wish all of the fathers in our parish a happy and joyful Father’s Day!
May 10, 2019

Letter From the Pastor – May 12, 2019

          In 2015, at the Synod on the Family, Rick Warren summarized the present condition of our 21st century this way:           “In today’s society, materialism is idolized; immorality is glamorized; truth is minimized; sin is normalized; divorce is rationalized; abortion is legalized. In T.V. and movies, crime is legitimized; drug use is minimized; comedy is vulgarized; and sex is trivialized. Again, in movies, the Bible is fictionalized; churches are satirized; God is marginalized; and Christians are demonized. The elderly are dehumanized; the sick are euthanized; the poor are victimized; the mentally […]