November 10, 2020

Veterans’ Day – Nov. 11

Today is Veterans’ Day.  There will not be a 6:45 AM Mass at Annunciation Church this morning. There will be a Veterans’ Motorcade through the streets of Crestwood beginning at 10 AM.  Please line the streets and show your support to our veterans and active military and reserves who selflessly serve our country! Route:  St. Eleanora’s Lane, Crestwood Ave., Hartmann Place, Hollywood Ave., Kennedy Place, Westchester Ave., Pennsylvania Ave., Thompson St., ad Vermont Terrace.  
November 6, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – November 8, 2020

It seems that every person shares or has shared dreams of a future of peace and tranquility.  We are all sick of the insanity of war and terrorism.  We are exhausted by man’s inhumanity to man.  We are tired of crime and violence.  We are fed up with greed and injustice.  We long for a world of peace and righteousness, where people and  nations settle their differences through cooperation instead of conflict.  But many, I fear, have recently stopped believing that such a world is possible.  Many more are deeply discouraged.  Though still believing in a better world, they feel […]
October 30, 2020

12 PM Mass with Bishop Massa – Nov 8

Bishop Massa, the rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary, will be celebrating mass at Annunciation Church on Sunday, November 8th at 12 PM.  All are invited to attend this special mass!  Please join us!
October 30, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – November 1, 2020

                It seems to me that our church, in the beginning years of the 21st century, has a golden opportunity to make the gospel real and relevant to a world that is weary of wars, weary of manipulation, weary of emptiness, and increasingly weary of moral degradation.  It is a time when we should prepare ourselves to be the church at its best.  We must remind ourselves that the world is ready now for the message of God, delivered by people like ourselves, who demonstrate that message in their own lives.                 During […]
October 29, 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner Drive – Today!!