January 3, 2017

Martha & Mary Meeting – January 8th

The Martha & Mary Network will meet on Sunday, January 8th in Breen the Lower Meeting Room at 10 a.m. following the 9 a.m. mass at Our Lady of Fatima.  All ladies of the parish are invited to attend.
December 30, 2016

Letter From the Pastor – January 1, 2017

Some say that people today are losing, or perhaps have already lost, a capacity to be deeply moved by human suffering.  The kind of world we live in inevitably has a numbing effect on the human spirit.  One hour with a newspaper or thirty minutes in front of the television exposes one to an overwhelming amount of tragedy.  Day in and day out, we are served a steady diet of war, murder, terrorism, kidnapping, rape, robbery, and torture.  The more we see of man’s inhumanity to man, the less we seem to be shocked by it. Then we come to […]
December 26, 2016

New Year’s Eve/Day Mass Schedule

New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31: 5 p.m. – Annunciation 5:30 p.m. – Our Lady of Fatima New Year’s Day, Sunday, January 1: 8 a.m. – Annunciation 9 a.m. – Our Lady of Fatima 10 a.m. – Annunciation 11 a.m. – Our Lady of Fatima 12 p.m. – Annunciation There is NO 5 pm mass  
December 26, 2016

Soup Kitchen Drop-Off – January 2

January 2nd is Soup Kitchen drop-off (pasta) day in Convent Room 2.  Thank you.
December 23, 2016

Christmas Greetings From the Pastor – December 25, 2016

As we come to celebrate Our Lord’s birth at Christmas, I wish to express my deep gratitude to all who have contributed their time and talents to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in our wonderful community of Annunciation-Our Lady of Fatima.  I want to include everyone of you, my dear parishioners of Annunciation-Our Lady of Fatima, in my expression of thanks.  I am especially grateful to all who have  volunteered their time and love over this past year.  To all…..thank you in the name of the Lord. Over this past year I have enjoyed many opportunities to greet and get […]