Pastor’s Weekly Letter

January 21, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – January 23, 2022

               As we know, modern technology has enabled us to take wonderful photos of the human fetus living within his or her mother’s womb.  This is a great help to doctors in their care for the pre-born child.  However, it can also provide some with efficient means to invade this most sacred place – the very womb of a mother – and kill its helpless human inhabitant.                 I’m sure all of us recoil in horror when we read or view on TV the holocausts that have been engineered by modern totalitarian governments.  The […]
January 14, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – January 16, 2022

               A newspaper cartoon pictured a large library with shelf after shelf of books.  In the midst of the picture was a man seated at a table, looking at himself in a mirror; and the caption underneath read: “The little thing that puzzles him.”  The cartoonist was suggesting that for all of our multiplied knowledge, as symbolized by an endless collection of books, the thing we still know least about is ourselves.                 Support for this suggestion can be found in the chronological development of the great sciences.  The first was astronomy.  Then came […]
January 7, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – January 9, 2022

We live in a world where things move along with a certain regularity.  Night follows day, and day follows night.  The seasons unfold at about the same pace year after year.  Spring, summer, fall and winter are as predictable as the cycles of the sun.  In the midst of all that steadiness, it is easy to become prisoners of the routine and forget just how wonderful life really is. Thornton Wilder wrote a play about that which he called “Our Town.”  It is the story about Emily who lived in Grover’s Corners until she dies in her early twenties.  Then […]
December 30, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – January 2, 2022

Commonly, we think of our Christian faith as a personal relationship between the individual and God.  It is that, but it is not exclusively that.  We need to remember that faith is also a family affair.  We came from homes, we live in homes, and some look forward to establishing their own homes.  This means that the success and happiness of our individual lives are deeply dependent upon the fate and fortunes of the family. For that matter, so is the future civilization.  What happens in the home in large measure determines what happens on the streets, in the factories, […]
December 23, 2021

Letter From the Pastor – December 25, 2021

Can you remember as a child the anticipation you felt as Christmas approached?  It was such an exciting time of year.  For some reason, adults seemed to be a little   happier and less fussy than usual.  Music filled the air, packages were under the tree, secrets were being whispered from person to person.  Sometimes the excitement would build until you would think you were going to burst.  Perhaps we have since discarded that kind of anticipation as just a childish fantasy; but I hope not, for it isn’t altogether without scriptural precedent.  For  example, there is the meeting between Virgin […]