Pastor’s Weekly Letter

July 30, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – August 2, 2020

          If we were to believe the statistical charts and reports so commonly quoted these days, a single conclusion is inescapable: we, the disciples of Jesus, are not winning the world, we are losing it! That is, of course, if we are to believe those statistical charts, because quite frankly, figures can be quoted, twisted, used, or misused, as we have seen in recent months, to prove virtually anything. It is never easy to know just how reliable or accurate any particular survey is, at least not until we know the background and bias of the agency or individual […]
July 24, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – July 26, 2020

          According to recent studies, Americans spend an average of two hours a day watching television. Others raise that figure to as much as four and a half hours. Add time spent reading newspapers and magazines, or listening to radio and stereo, or on the internet or video games, and we can see why the media is one of the most formative influences on our culture.           If these statistics on the extent of media’s influence are unsettling, an examination of what they contain should be even more so. All this advertising is overwhelmingly dedicated […]
July 17, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – July 19, 2019

Today I raise an important question: Is it proper for a Catholic to vote precisely as a Catholic?  That is, to make political choices based primarily on Catholic values and principles?  I would answer Yes.  Emphatically, Yes! We Catholics, have let our secular society in which we live give us a kind of inferiority complex.  We too often speak and act as if the biblical understanding of man and woman and for that matter, of human society, were in some way inferior, or as if it were somehow unfair for us to advance our Catholic views and values in the […]
July 9, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – July 12, 2020

          So what do you think God’s intentions for families might be?  What part does God mean families to play in human life?  Only when we understand what God has revealed about the family can we hope to find solutions to the problems families face today.           The clearest statement of God’s plan for the family is the one that comes right at the beginning of the Bible in the account of the creation of the human person.  We often miss the point of this wonderful account.  Living as we do in a highly individualistic society, […]
July 2, 2020

Letter From the Pastor – July 5, 2020

           Saturday is the 4th of July, a date of historical significance because it marks the birth of our nation. It was on that day in 1776 that representatives of the thirteen colonies signed a document declaring themselves to be a free and independent nation. Most of us are familiar with the contents of that document. We, of course, know it as “The Declaration of Independence”. In clear and concise language, it avows that the colonies are no longer connected with or controlled by the British Empire.             That part of the […]