Pastor’s Weekly Letter

November 15, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – November 18, 2018

Do you recall several years ago reading about an 18-month old girl, Jessica McClure, who had tumbled down an abandoned well shaft?  Nobody knew how she managed to fall through an 8-inch, coffee-can size opening into the 22-foot shaft in the hard rock.  For 58 desperate hours people rallied round and literally clawed their way to rescue her while the eyes of the nation prayerfully watched the effort.  When, finally, a paramedic emerged with the child, there were shouts of joy and thanksgiving.  Someone held a banner and the cameras relayed its message to the nation: “Stop weeping, America, Jessica […]
November 9, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – November 11, 2018

How long has it been since you attended a formal banquet?  For some it has possibly been a long time.  Maybe it even goes back to high school and the senior prom.  However long it’s been, I suppose there are certain things about the occasion that you still remember – the  person with whom you attended, the dress or suit that you wore, the flowers that you kept and may even still have, pressed between the pages of a book. I hope everyone has at least one memory like that.  For one thing, it’s just good to have fond memories.  […]
October 31, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – November 4, 2018

As election day draws near, I once again reprint this article I wrote some time ago.  Please seriously consider your choices before you vote. Today I raise an important question: Is it proper for a Christian to vote precisely as a Christian?  That is, to make political choices based primarily on Christian values and principles?  I would answer yes.  Emphatically, yes!  We, Catholics, have let the secular society in which we live give us a kind of inferiority complex. We, too often, speak and act as if the biblical understanding of man and woman and   human society were in some way […]
October 26, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – October 28, 2018

All our lives we have heard sermons about giving our heart to God, a valid emphasis.  But whenever have you heard a sermon about giving your head to God?  I would dare say that for most of us that is a strange thought, but let’s try to think about it for a few moments. Usually we imply that loving God is strictly an affair of the heart.  We have frequently been told that intelligence without goodness is a grave danger.  But we need to also know that goodness without intelligence is not enough. If enough of our people, especially our […]
October 19, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – October 21, 2018

 A poster from the 1960’s offered an excellent commentary on human nature.  Two babies in diapers of about the same age sat facing each other.  One was reaching out to the other as though to establish contact.  The caption underneath said, “At last I have found someone exactly like me.”  One of the babies was black; the other was white.  That strikes me as an interesting comment on the similarity and dissimilarity in human beings.  Sometimes we get to thinking that our needs and problems are unique to us, that no one else in all the world has ever felt […]