Pastor’s Weekly Letter

June 29, 2018

Letter from the Pastor – July 1, 2018

          This weekend will be the 4th of July, a date of historical significance because it marks the birth of our nation. It was on that day in 1776 that representatives of the thirteen colonies signed a document declaring themselves to be a free and independent nation. Most of us are familiar with the contents of that document. We, of course, know it as “The Declaration of Independence”. In clear and concise language, it avows that the colonies are no longer connected with or controlled by the British Empire.            That part […]
June 22, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – June 24, 2018

I suppose there are times when everyone longs to recapture the carefree innocence and joy of childhood.  We wish that for just one day we could shake off the burdensome responsibilities of adult life and put our feet under Dad’s table once more.  Admittedly, this emotion carries with it an element of escapism, but it is not necessarily all bad.  There are, of course, some characteristics of childhood that we should outgrow and leave behind forever.  Such childish traits as impatience and total self-centeredness have no place in adult life.  But there are certain basic elements of childhood that we […]
June 15, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – June 17, 2018

We fool ourselves if we think that society in the last 2000 years has fallen in step with the teachings and values of Jesus.  Go into the boardroom of most any major corporation and try to convince the board of directors that people are more important than profits.  How far do you think you would get?  Certainly, no farther than first base, and it’s doubtful you would even get up to bat.  Go to Congress or the Senate and argue there that housing and jobs and education and the respect for all human life at all its stages should take […]
June 12, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – June 10, 2018

          There is a sense in which every area of life places upon us a category of demands, a minimum set of duties which we are required to meet. An employee is expected to show up for work at a particular time, remain on the job a certain number of hours, and do certain things while he is there. To meet these demands is his duty. He’s expected to perform at least at this level.           The same thing is true of family life. To be a father or a mother, a […]
June 1, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – June 3, 2018

Every wife, mother, or whoever happens to have the responsibility knows that there are two ways to clean house.  One is routine and regular; the other is major and seldom.  In the first, you sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, wash the dishes, make the beds, scrub the bathrooms, and dust the furniture.   The second way includes all of the above but goes a bit further.  You also move the furniture in order to get at the dirt that has accumulated under and behind.  You clean out the refrigerator and throw away all of the moldy food.  You rearrange the […]