Confirmation “Acts of Kindness” Program Description and Registration Form

Confirmation Christian Service Program for Spring 2021 Confirmation Candidates

This year, Confirmation candidates are asked to complete between 5 and 10 “Acts of Kindness” between Dec. 1, 2020 and Mar. 15, 2021.

Reporting Acts of Kindness:

Here’s the link to the form to report completion of 5 – 10 Acts of Kindness.

Program Details:

What is an “Act of Kindness”?

An activity that:

  • Is done for the good of someone else
  • Is done without pay or benefit to the student
  • Takes at least 30 minutes to accomplish

What types of activities are eligible?
Every student must do at least one corporal and one spiritual activity

  • “Corporal” activities benefit a person’s physical needs
  • “Spiritual” activities are prayers for the benefit of others

How are “Acts of Kindness” approved?
Parents are responsible for approving and reporting the “Acts of Kindness”.

How are activities reported?

  • All activities must be logged online by March 15th .  Here’s the link to reporting.
  • Candidates will describe 1 “Act of Kindness” in their “Letter to the Bishop”

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Corporal Acts of Kindness:

Tutor younger students
Rake/shovel/take out the trash or recycling for a homebound person you know Regularly write or call a relative who is alone
Write thank you notes to people who help you and others
Do a special project around the house
Prepare food for a soup kitchen or a homebound neighbor
Organize a collection for the needy

Spiritual Acts of Kindness:

Pray the rosary (daily or weekly) for the intention of a special person Make a novena for a specific intention
Attend weekly Mass (virtual or in-person) for a special intention

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Rose at .