Christmas 2017 is a time to look back and to remember.  Christmas is a time for the exchange of gifts.  But most of all, Christmas is the time to remember the greatest gift of all – the gift of God’s redeeming love, His hope, His peace in the person of His only Begotten Son, Jesus.

As God gives Himself to us each day, so we give ourselves to Him in a complete gift of self, our hearts swept clean of sin and afire with love.  Only then shall we truly find Jesus this Christmas 2017 and every day. 

As we walk through our neighborhood, our local merchants have an important lesson for all of us.  They have spent months in preparation for Christmas.  They have cleared out the old stock and brought in the new.  They have planned very carefully so that at Christmas, their shops are ablaze with lights and alive with song.  They are parables for us of what we should be doing during the Christmas season 2017 and beyond. 

We are reminded that we have such wonderful opportunities during 2018 to clear out the old stock, the stuff that clutters up our minds, as well as our souls, in order to keep making room for the greatest reality of all – Jesus living in us and in our family.  He can and should be born anew in us each day as He was born of Mary. 

This is the hope and prayer of your very grateful pastor, priests and staff.  I, and they, thank God for you and for the great privilege of serving you.  I am most thankful for the way you serve the people of our wonderful parish of Annunciation – Our Lady of Fatima.  You never cease to inspire us by your faith and love and constant support. 

May the peace of Christ be in your hearts and homes this Christmas 2017 and throughout the year of 2018.


 Blessed Christmas to All!