Tens of thousands of Americans will Zoom on Friday, January 22, 2021 to continue their efforts to challenge our society to do much more to protect all innocent Human Life from the moment of conception t the moment the Lord calls us back home.  This is an issue we American Catholics look at more closely at least once a year.  We know that our modern technology has enabled us to take wonderful photos of the human person living within his or her mother’s womb.  Almost every couple preparing for the birth of their child has viewed these photos of their pre-born child with great excitement and with a profound sense of awe. 

                However, the same technology has also provided some with the efficient means to invade this most sacred place and kill its human inhabitant.  The sad truth is that every hour about two hundred pre-born children will be aborted in this country alone.  Think about it!  That is about 120,000 babies per month and more than one million and six hundred thousand children per year.

                I am sure all of us recoil in horror when confronted by the holocausts engineered by modern totalitarian governments.  The massacre of so many innocent people throughout the world is unbelievable.  And through it all we are revulsed.  Yet today in our own country millions of innocent children die by abortion and many among us call it progress on the right of freedom of choice.

                The champions of abortion, like Planned Parenthood, try to justify the deliberate killing of the pre-born child under the guise of preserving “a woman’s right to choose.”  They literally spend millions of dollars each year to spread their secular propaganda with noticeable success.  With their money they control the decisions of our elected officials.  Many Americans, perhaps even some who are reading this, have been persuaded to believe that while abortion does mean taking life, it still must be allowed for the sake of privacy, free choice, the future happiness of people or as a means of contraception.

                It would appear that these groups are convincing us that moral standards must begin by considering the experience of the very people who are judged by them.  But we Catholics need to remember that morality begins with the revealed teachings of Jesus.  His teachings govern not only Christians but also all human beings created by God.  A system of morality based on feelings or on the subjective reflections of others is not morality.  It is the rationalization for immorality.

                In the face of this horror we, Catholics, ought to do something about it.  We ought not to remain innocent bystanders.  We ought to stand up to be counted.  So if you have never been on the march in Washington, then plan to go sometime in the future.  Your presence can make a difference!  What will you do?