In 2015, at the Synod on the Family, Rick Warren summarized the present condition of
our 21st century this way:
          “In today’s society, materialism is idolized; immorality is glamorized; truth is minimized; sin
is normalized; divorce is rationalized; abortion is legalized. In T.V. and movies, crime is
legitimized; drug use is minimized; comedy is vulgarized; and sex is trivialized. Again, in
movies, the Bible is fictionalized; churches are satirized; God is marginalized; and Christians are
demonized. The elderly are dehumanized; the sick are euthanized; the poor are victimized; the
mentally ill are ostracized; immigrants are stigmatized; our children are tranquilized. In
families around the world, our manners are uncivilized; speech is vulgarized; faith is
secularized, and everything is commercialized.”
          So, the world today seems in desperate need of spiritual awakening. It is the only hope for the survival of the
human race.
          In the midst of the vast problems which face our world, Christians are strangely silent, almost overwhelmed by
the tide of secularism. And yet we, Christians, are called to be “the salt of the earth”, keeping a decaying world from
further corruption. Christians are to be “the light of the world”, illuminating the darkness caused by sin, and giving
guidance to a world that has lost its way.
          Why, therefore, are we not “salt” and “light” as we should be? Why are we not doing much more to bring the
Kingdom of God to the hearts and lives of our family, our neighbors and especially our children?
          There certainly are many instances of Christians who have been touched by God, and are in turn, touching the
lives of others for Christ. One such person is Tony Melendez. This young man was born without arms. For many
people such a tragedy would mean a life of frustration and hopelessness. But not for Tony. This young man has felt
the touch of God and has overcome all the difficulties and hardships of his young life. Today Tony travels across the
country witnessing to the power of God and the victory that God gives to all who accept Him. Tony has learned to play
the guitar with his feet and sings the praises of God with his voice.
          If, then, the greatest need of our world is to feel the effects of a spiritual awakening, the greatest need within
the Christian church throughout the world today is to experience the touch of God, bringing true renewal to the lives of
countless Christians, like you and like me. If ever there was a time we needed renewal of our lives, it is now. Only God
can bring true spiritual awakening which will stem the tide of evil and reverse the trend. In the darkest hour, God can
still revive His people and breathe new vigor and power into us.
          Our world needs to be touched by Christians who are Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, and Spirit-empowered. Are you
that kind of Christian? Or is there in your own life the need for a new touch of the Spirit of God? If so, know that God
wants to bring that renewal to you right now. Be open to what God can do!