As we are all aware a right objective can never be reached by the use of wrong means. Most of us are too young to remember the days of World War I; but we have read about it in our history books, and we remember what it was called. It was “the war to end all wars;” it was “the war that would make the world safe for democracy”. That wars over 90 years ago; and in the meantime we have had another world war, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and other wars including now the war against terrorism. So wherever did we get the notion that war will end war? If we ever get a peaceful world, it will only be through the utilization of peaceful means.

The road that we choose to travel will determine the destination at which we ultimately arrive. So let us reflect on the question: When you get where you’re going, where will you be?

A student, for example, may be planning to maintain high grades, graduate from college and prepare for a useful and worthwhile career. A young couple may be planning to get married, have a wonderful relationship and build a beautiful home. Parents may be planning to instill in their children a sense of self-worth and high moral values that will guide and sustain them long after they are gone from their home. And no doubt each of us are planning to become the best person that he or she possibly can. We plan to be true to our principles, faithful to our friends, diligent to our work, honest in our dealings.

All these are worthy objectives, but they mean absolutely nothing until and unless we implement those means that enable us to reach them. That student must develop the study habits that lead to a good education. The young couple must practice those principles of love and faithfulness which build strong marriages and beautiful homes. Those parents must give their children the unconditional love and fair discipline that leads to a strong self-image. Then they must also give them a living example of what it means to have high moral values.

There are no short cuts to a life of honesty, courage, fidelity, and unselfishness. If we would be those things tomorrow, then we must practice those things today. Few if any of us fail for want of worthy objectives: Most of us choose the high ideals, but few will achieve those ideals unless we also choose the means that enable us to achieve those ideals. It is one thing to want a strong and vibrant faith; it is another thing to walk the road which leads us to have a strong and vibrant faith.

The truth is that each of us is headed somewhere right now. When we get where we’re going, where will we be?