As we adapt to our changing world, we would like to reassure all our parishioners that we are available to help connect you to resources that you may need.  Although the Rectory office is now closed, we will be checking our e-mail regularly.  Please contact us at if you would like us to reach out to anyone you know who could use assistance – be it a trip to the grocery store, advice on seeking medical help, or just a supportive phone call – and we will do our best to connect you to others who can help. 

The Ladies’ Guild, Men’s Club, and the scouts have all expressed interest in being of service to our community.  In addition, individual parishioners have reached out to us asking what they can do.  We have many folks offering to help anyone in need.

At this uncertain time, let’s all remember to be good neighbors and support those community members who may be compromised by disability, age or illness, who are unable to help themselves, or who are finding isolation to be difficult to handle.  Check in on your elderly neighbors or anyone with young children at home and offer a helping hand and a supportive voice.  It is what we, as Christians, are so good at, and it is, very simply, the right thing to do.