Annunciation Church’s upper Church has a wheelchair ramp which is located on the St. Eleanora’s Lane entrance to the Church. The lower Church is not accessible. Annunciation Church bathrooms are not accessible.

Our Lady of Fatima Church has a street level side entrance on the Scarsdale Road side of the Church. Our Lady of Fatima Church bathrooms are accessible.

At the North Site, Breen Hall is not wheelchair accessible. The Lower Meeting room is accessible from the rear of the Harney Road parking lot, but does require passage down a paved hill. Lower Meeting Room bathrooms are accessible.

At the South Site, the Parish Room is wheelchair accessible. Convent Meeting Room 1 is wheelchair accessible. Convent Room 2 is wheelchair accessible only by passing through Convent Room 1. The Annunciation School gym is accessible through the parking lot at the back of the school. Annunciation School bathrooms are accessible.