December 28, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – December 30, 2018

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker: “If it feels good, do it!”?  In many ways, that slogan characterizes the approach of so many people today.  A stream of books, articles, commentary, advertisements and dialogue points to feelings as the basic measure of happiness, as the truest aspect of one’s true self.  Feelings are continually represented as central to self-fulfillment and the development of one’s potential. A popular psychiatrist-author states the “modern” perspective in no uncertain terms:  “Being in touch with your feelings is the only way you can ever become your highest self, the only way you can become […]
December 21, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – December 23, 2018

 In one of the letters of St. Paul, we’re told, “Let the word of Christ, rich as it is, dwell in you.  In wisdom made perfect, instruct and admonish one another.  Sing gratefully to God from your hearts in psalms, hymns and inspired songs.  Whatever you do, whether in speech or in action, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus.”   The gift of speech is to be used to praise and worship God.  It is used to create joy and laughter and song.  It is meant to persuade us in those things that are for our good and […]
December 19, 2018

2018 Christmas Mass Schedule

2018 Christmas Mass Schedule  Monday, December 24th Morning Masses:          6:45AM and 9:00AM at Annunciation 9:00AM at Our Lady of Fatima Christmas Eve Masses: 4:00PM – Family Mass – Annunciation Church (preceded by Children’s Choir Concert starting at 3:30PM)                                    4:00PM – Mass – Annunciation Lower Church (with traditional Christmas music) 5:00PM Mass – Our Lady of Fatima Church (with traditional Christmas music) 6:00PM Mass – Annunciation Church (preceded by traditional Christmas music with vocal duet and string trio) 10:00PM Mass – Our Lady of Fatima Church (with traditional Christmas music) 12:00AM Midnight Mass – Solemn Mass – Annunciation Church (preceded by Christmas music sung […]
December 14, 2018

Letter From the Pastor – December 16, 2018

Most people seem to admire the type of person that we call a “go-getter”.  By that, I mean  a person who has a high energy level and is continually getting things done.  And that is indeed an admirable personality trait.  But any person who tries to manage life strictly on that basis will come to a time and a place where this method is utterly useless.  When tragedy strikes, and our hearts are broken, we cannot handle that by getting things done.  When age increases, and strength diminishes, and the limitation of time becomes            inescapably clear, we cannot handle that […]
December 5, 2018

Letter from the Pastor – December 9, 2018

Do you think of sin as though it pertains merely to religion and nothing else? Do not let that word “sin” slip through your mind as though it is some abstraction that the Church has dreamed up as an excuse for her own existence. Multitudes of people who know little and care less about the Church and her message are firm believers in the reality of sin. Why is it that government, at every level, spends millions of dollars to maintain police forces, jails, prisons and courts of law? The basic reason is sin. Why is it that automobile manufacturers […]