October 13, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 15, 2017

Not everyone can preach beautiful sermons or deliver learned lectures but anyone of us can make God visible.  We can paint a picture of Him with our own lives. When a person says, “I have been saved by grace of God through Christ,” what does he mean?  The New Testament doesn’t make it something vague and abstract, but something clear and concrete.  It talks about specific qualities of life.  Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that you are my followers, that you love one another.”  The Book of Acts says, “When the people saw the courage of the […]
October 6, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 8, 2017

Let us for a moment today consider the destructive effects of hate on the human soul.  Find someone who is consumed by hatred and then see the results.  It may be bad for the person who is the object of that hatred but it is infinitely worse for the one who does the hating.  Hatred is to the soul what cancer is to the body.  Untreated and unchecked, it utterly consumes and destroys.  That is not theory; that is fact.  One person hates another so intensely that he cannot hear his name without a flush of anger.  His hatred so […]
September 29, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 1, 2017

I read an old story about a New Englander and his son who were fishing in the    Atlantic, off the coast of Maine.  They had been at it all day, and the sun was sinking low in the west.  A storm was moving in and the waves were building higher.  The boy, partly afraid of the storm and partly tired and hungry, was ready to go home.  He said to his dad, “Papa, right now mother is probably praying for our safe return.”  The father understood and said with a smile, “You’re right; I’ll hold the rudder while you run […]
September 22, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – September 24, 2017

All of us know what it means to have experiences of illumination and insight.  We have had those experiences when even for a moment, vision cleared, doubt and cynicism fled, and faith seemed the most real and reasonable thing in all the world.             We all have those days when we need to remember the mountaintop moments of life.  Pessimism seems to be the prevailing mood of the time.  There is a general distrust of the political system.  There is doubt and uneasiness concerning the economy.  There is growing skepticism concerning the ability of society to correct its course and […]
September 15, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – September 17, 2017

St. Augustine once said, “Dig deep enough in any person, and you will find something divine.”  That is a perfect description of the working method of Jesus.  Put Him one-on-one with any person, and He would dig until He found that something divine.  Then He would seek to draw out that quality and make it the dominant theme of that person’s life.  He did this with the woman who was caught in adultery.  He saw something inside of her, deeper than her sinfulness.  And He made His appeal to that.  Underneath her worst, He never doubted there was something better.  […]