May 27, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – May 29, 2022

ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL Remarks of Robert P. George, Professor at Princeton University – National Catholic Prayer Breakfast             The days of socially acceptable Christianity are over.  The days of comfortable Catholicism are past.  It is no longer easy to be a faithful Christian, a good Catholic, an authentic witness to the truths of the Gospel.  A price is demanded.  There are costs of discipleship – heavy costs.           Of course, one can still safely identify oneself as a “Catholic”, and even be seen going to mass.  That is because the […]
May 24, 2022

Ascension Thursday – May 26

Thursday, May 26, is Ascension Thursday, a Holy Day of Obligation.   A Vigil Mass will be celebrated on the evening of Wednesday, May 25th at Annunciation Church at 7:30 PM. On Thursday, in addition to our regular morning mass schedule, there will be an Ascension Thursday Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Church at 7:30 PM. (Masses at Annunciation Church will be Livestreamed.)  
May 24, 2022

Memorial Day Parade – May 30

May 13, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – May 15, 2022

                We, Catholics, have let our secular society give us a kind of inferiority complex.  We too often speak and act as if the biblical understanding of man and woman and of human society were in some way inferior, or as if it were somehow unfair for us to advance our religious views and values in the public arena.                 We need to remind ourselves that our Christian perspective on life does not originate with Christians, but with Christ, the Son of our Creator.  It was God who created the human race, who […]
May 6, 2022

Letter From the Pastor – May 8, 2022

                Our parish was indeed blessed this Easter with 5 young adults being accepted into full membership within our Church at our Easter Vigil.  These are indeed hopeful signs that more and more people are being drawn by the beauty of Christ and His gospel.                 But I also think that it is in part a revolution against the new paganism that has permeated our society.  It seems to me that more and more people are becoming more and more disgusted with the appalling spectacle of this modern paganism.  It is not evident […]