Pastor’s Weekly Letter

April 6, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – April 9, 2023

Today is Easter Sunday.  It is a day in which the message of Easter tells us:  Don’t give up; don’t quit; don’t throw in the towel.  This life is not all that there is.  Stay tuned.  There is much more to come. You and I need that message, probably more than we know.  I suspect that this is the reason more people return to the Church on Easter than any other day of the year.  Somehow, we know that human life cannot find its total expression within the limits of time.  Everything here, everything around us and within us cries […]
March 30, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – April 2, 2023

Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week 2023. It starts with the   triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ends with the tragic death on Calvary.  In a sense, it is very strange that this week should be called “holy”.  As we walk through it – and I hope we all will – unfolding before our eyes will be a scene of     deception and dishonor, betrayal and denial, political expedience and religious corruption, all of which culminates in the greatest crime of all history – the death of God’s Son.  Judged by the scenery, this could easily be called anything […]
March 23, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – March 26, 2023

Most of us have experienced various kinds of encounters with God.  We have seen Him, for example, in the world of nature.  We have felt His presence under the breathtaking beauty of a starlit night.  We have almost read His signature in the lower righthand corner of a sunset.  We have heard His voice in the wind as it gently rustles the leaves of a tree. We have also met Him inside of our own hearts and minds.  We have felt His comforting presence in times of sorrow and His troubling presence in times of sin.  His image is indelibly […]
March 16, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – March 19, 2023

The accounts that we have of Jesus’ life make it abundantly clear that Jesus was a man of prayer.  The first thing he did after His baptism was pray.  The last thing that he did before His death was pray.  And in between, there are so many references to His personal prayer life.  For example, the gospel tells us that rising early in the morning, Jesus went off into a lonely place in the desert; there He was absorbed in prayer.”  The context in which that statement is made clearly indicates that Jesus did not use prayers as a substitute […]
March 9, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – March 12, 2023

I remember reading a story about a businessman in San Antonio, Texas, who parked his shiny new automobile outside a downtown bank and went inside. When he returned he found a little shoeshine boy examining the car in wide-eyed amazement. As he opened the door to get in, the little boy said, “Is this your car Mister?” “Yes, Son, it’s my car.” “Where did you get it?” the little boy wanted to know. So the man explained that the car had been given to him as a birthday present from his brother. “Wow said the little boy “I wish…” And […]