Pastor’s Weekly Letter

November 3, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – November 5, 2017

Heartbreak always presupposes love.  Others can stir our resentment, kindle our wrath, cause inconvenience, bring disappointment; but the only person who can break our heart is the person we love.  All of which says that love is indeed a risky business.  It makes us vulnerable.  And God has chosen to take that kind of a gamble with you and me. To be estranged from, lonely for, out of fellowship with the one you love, that is a basic element of sorrow.  You don’t go far in sacred scripture until you run into that – the loneliness of God.  The book […]
October 27, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 29, 2017

I wonder if many people today really believe that God sees all their circumstances, their cares, and that He wants to provide for them?  So please take time to read Matthew 6:25-33 and Psalm 139. Do you believe that as our good shepherd He is there to guard, to protect, to make provisions for, and to save us from harm?  So very often when difficult circumstances arise we rush off to help ourselves and meet our own needs.  Many run from God, Our Father, seeking to save themselves.  And in so doing we often move from the only real source […]
October 20, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 22, 2017

I remember reading a story several years ago that I believe is relevant for today.  During the severe cold of that winter, a reporter, who writes a syndicated column that appears in many of the major newspapers, told a story that deals with a problem that subtly confronts many people.  It was about a man whose car got stuck on the ice while he was on his way home from work.  The man was white, and the community in which he was stranded was predominantly black.  It was after dark and the man was frightened.  To make matters worse, he […]
October 13, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 15, 2017

Not everyone can preach beautiful sermons or deliver learned lectures but anyone of us can make God visible.  We can paint a picture of Him with our own lives. When a person says, “I have been saved by grace of God through Christ,” what does he mean?  The New Testament doesn’t make it something vague and abstract, but something clear and concrete.  It talks about specific qualities of life.  Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that you are my followers, that you love one another.”  The Book of Acts says, “When the people saw the courage of the […]
October 6, 2017

Letter From the Pastor – October 8, 2017

Let us for a moment today consider the destructive effects of hate on the human soul.  Find someone who is consumed by hatred and then see the results.  It may be bad for the person who is the object of that hatred but it is infinitely worse for the one who does the hating.  Hatred is to the soul what cancer is to the body.  Untreated and unchecked, it utterly consumes and destroys.  That is not theory; that is fact.  One person hates another so intensely that he cannot hear his name without a flush of anger.  His hatred so […]