Pastor’s Weekly Letter

May 18, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – May 21, 203

Does it appear to you that all of us are embroiled in that ongoing conflict between the old and the new?  Sometimes it seems that nothing ever stays the same.  Everything around us is in a constant state of transition.  The world is changing; our community changes; our home changes; the Church changes; even we, ourselves, change.  If you don’t believe that, well, go dig out an old high school or college picture.  Take a look at yourself then and compare it with the way you look now. Change is a fact of life.  So, what does this mean to […]
May 11, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – May 14, 2023

The early church father said there were seven deadly sins.  High up on their list they placed the sin of anger.  In fact, it was second only to the sin of pride. Today we need to ask ourselves: “what makes us angry?”  Think about the things that made you mad this past week.  What were they?  A car on the highway that cut into your lane?  A rude clerk at the department store?  Having to stand in line a little longer than you thought necessary?  A phone call that interrupted your evening meal, from someone trying to sell you something […]
May 3, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – May 7, 2023

                The early Church fathers compiled a list of what they called “the seven deadly sins.”  Number one on that list was the sin of pride.  I doubt that you and I would have done it that way.  We may recognize that pride is indeed a sin, but most of us would not think of it as the first and worst of the deadly sins.  I can think of at least three sins that most of us consider to be more serious than the sin of pride – murder, adultery, and stealing.                 And is there not a sense in […]
April 27, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – April 30, 2023

Years ago, a man named John Edwin Daniels sought to inscribe his name in history by establishing a world record for long-distance walking.  His goal was to hike from the lower tip of Baja, California to the northern end of Maine.  The journey required ten months and he completed it on schedule.  When he arrived at his destination, newsmen and radio microphones were waiting to record his impressions upon completion of his well-publicized trip.  The announcer who conducted the interview asked: “Mr. Daniels, you have walked over 4,000 miles.  Tell us, during these past ten months what was your greatest […]
April 13, 2023

Letter From the Pastor – April 16, 2023

I dare say some of us know, or have known, what is to wear used clothes, to buy used books, and to drive used cars.  And the truth of the matter is that it’s really not a bad way to live.  If it is handled right, there’s a touch of class to it.  Perhaps you have noticed that people who grow up in large families, wearing hand-me down clothes, almost always end up bragging about it.  Secondhand living isn’t all bad. In fact, it can be quite good. But there are some things in life that ought not be secondhand.  […]